Treatment imageTreatments: Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Therapy involves the management and care of people injured through sport. Sports therapists study human anatomy, physiology and psychology. They advise lots of different people on suitable training programmes and how to prevent sports injuries.

I have always been extremely interested in sports injuries and participated in various sports and suffered from many injuries myself. I understand the mindset of sports people, the reluctance to stop training, the frustration of an injury which can cause a break in training and the niggling pain that is often ignored until it becomes a major problem.

Over the years I have been involved in playing and coaching football, and looked after the Dunvant Rugby youth side for 5 years. I have trained in various gyms and treated male and female bodybuilders (my wife is a former Welsh Bodybuilding Champion).

I was awarded a postgraduate Diploma in Sports Therapy in 1992 and I was also awarded a Diploma for Remedial Exercise and Rehabilitation/ Fitness Instructor in 2000 by the Northern Institute of Massage. Consequently I have achieved a very high success rate in treating sports injuries with excellent results in a short space of time.