Treatments: Assemblage Point Therapy

The Assemblage Point is the epicenter of the human energy body.

If it is not in its correct position at the centre of the chest back and front, it can cause much physical and psychological distress.

In April 2003 I studied under Dr Angela Blaen who trained with the founder of this technique - Jon Whale.

A centered assemblage point is essential for a happy, healthy, loving, creative life and it is possible for most of us to achieve this.

Violence, intimidation, bereavement, shock, accidents, trauma, drugs, toxins and illness can easily dislocate the Energy Body's alignment.

Depending on the severity and direction of the misalignment, various psychological and physical symptoms will be present.

Gross misalignment of the Energy Body is present in depression, numerous psychotic and psychological disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, toxicity, leukemia, cancer, auto immune defence syndrome (A.I.D.S), myalgic encephomyelitis (M.E), multiple sclerosis (M.S), post natal depression schizophrenia, epilepsy, senile dementia (Alzheimerís), coma Parkinson, etc.

It is a simple matter to find out the alignment of a personís Energy Body by locating the Assemblage Point.

This adjustment is simple and pain free.